Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

There are times in our lives where we turn to the Angels for support. This is a chance for you to receive a personal message from the Angels channelled by me personally.

marita“Last year brought many changes and much upheaval to my life. I was in need of some sort of clarification and guidance so I asked Joanna for an Angel Card reading. The messages from the cards for the past & present blew my mind and were spot on! They could not have been more accurate. As for the future card, it has shown me a new direction I never contemplated before but am willing to explore.

Apart from the cards themselves, Joanna’s channelled messages for each card were extraordinary. They were spot on as well, as she could not have and did not have the inside info on the ‘dynamics’ that were at play!

Thank you for this great reading! You are very much in touch with the Angels and I wholeheartedly recommend your readings to anyone!”

– Marita Betts, Founder of Equilibrium Healing Energies